About Us

All items are second hand in preloved condition looking for another chance to shine. What makes this hobby and artistic outlet so unique is every piece is one of a kind and can’t be found in just any store. Each item isn’t just a piece of clothing but also a piece of wearable art. By purchasing my creations you aren’t only supporting our mission but also supporting me and the time and skill I put into it. The thing I love about starting up this brand is knowing every thrifted piece had went through so many life experiences and adventures before it ended up in a thrift store. It’s a sign for me that it’s all about perspective. Many may see a stained sweatshirt and think of it as damaged or no longer useful, but I see it as an opportunity for change.  

Our brand stands out by taking a stand against the fast fashion industry. By being able to be a slow fashion creator I am able to put all my time and energy into the quality and ability to make one of a kind items. Say goodbye to the awkward moments where you have on the same thing as the person next to you and say hello to the unique you. You were born to stand out while shopping sustainably for an important cause.